A product brought to you by a company that is BIS certified, and that is also proved to have the sccredition for its environment- friendly profile.

AADHARSHILA Ready Mix is a fine grade POP mix specially formulated to tender a super finish to your interior walls. it is a premix single application Plaster made from calcium sulphate hemihydrate to which additive have been added to improve perfomance & workability. It is equally effctive on both thick base plastering & fine surface finishing depending upon your precise requirement.

AADHARSHILA Mix is a superfine low density powder therefore it guarantees you greater area coverage with less material -or more economy in every application.

The simplest looking material, Plaster of Paris, can do wonders to the interiors and exteriors of different places. Believing in this fact, AADHARSHILA industry brings forth the premium Plaster of Paris, which caters to the demands of diverse industries Based in RAWLA Mandi (Rajasthan), the company is renowned as the foremost Plaster of Paris Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in INDIA,BHUTAN and NEPAL. In addition, the company also deals in Plaster Sheets, Gypsum Powder, and Stucco Gypsum.

Our Plaster of Paris is formulated in continuous process with high-tech automatic machinery resulting in same setting time of the complete material purchased by the customers. Easier workability, lower wastage, gradual setting time, etc. are achieved by our efficient processing unit. Being economical in pricing and premium in quality, our brand forms the true investment for your home or office environment and forms an object of style and elegance. This decor imparts a personal touch and warmth to the environment.