Points To Remember:

Always mix powder to water, not water to powder.

Background should be thoroughly brushed with a broom to remove dust and loose mortar.

Hands should be dry before putting in the bag.

Hooks should not be used for handling the bags to avoid tearing.

Always fold back the bag after taking out the required material to protect it from moisture.

Powder should be mixed with water immediately after taking out of the bag.

Once a mix has started to set, it should not be tampered with or fresh gauging mixed with it.

Surface should be slightly wet 10 minutes before plastering, it will help in bonding the plaster to the surface much better.

All kinds of fitting should be done before plastering.

Techanical Precaution:

Aadhar Shila Plaster are suitable under normal conditions for use.

It should not be applied on fully wet or supposed to frozen surfaces.

Ensure that rapid loss of water is avoided, if water dries off very fast, the durability of the plaster will be lost.

Earth Friendly Tips:

Do not throw Plaster of Paris into the drain, it will clog the pipes. If you have any leftover mixture, let it harden, then throw it into a garbage can.

If you want to save spoons or containers used for mixing Plaster of Paris, scrape off the hardened plaster and wipe the utensils with a damp cloth


Interior decoration : as a false ceiling, studio sets etc

Bandaging of broken bones

Making statues

Finishing walls

Designing of masonry interiors and exteriors

Applications :

Orthopedic operations

Surgery for cast POP Bandage Mfg

Dental Molding operations

Ceramic Industries

Pottery Industries

Building Contraction

Gold Dyeing operations